Friday, July 8, 2011

Cannoli di Ricotta with Chocolate Chips Paired with 2010 Veglio Moscato d’ Asti


I don’t often feature dessert pairings, but when I do, you can be sure it is worth it.  Today we are pairing cannoli di ricotta with a 2010 Veglio Moscato d’ Asti.  This pairing is 100% Italian.

2010 Veglio Moscato d' Asti

I’m not an aficionado of desserts.  But for those that I enjoy, it is more like a passion.  Cannoli is one of the few desserts on that list.  The creamy sweetness of the cannoli filling (with the occasional chocolate chip surprise) contrasted texturally with the crunchy shell is a true delight.

Cannoli Shells

Add a Moscato with a moderate level of effervescence, and you have a real treat.  The 2010 Veglio Moscato d’ Asti is very delicate and very low in alcohol (5.5%) which makes it particularly light and soft on the palate.  The fruity bouquet, low alcohol, excellent acid balance and light - moderate effervescence make this wine an excellent choice for a desert with subdued flavors like the cannoli.  The finish is crisp with a lingering citrus flavor.

Cannoli Shells-1

The pairing was exactly what I look for in an exceptional mating – the combination of flavors and textures was greater than the sum of their parts.  The sweetness of the wine deepened the creaminess of the ricotta, and the effervescence became a wonderful textural contrast with the cannoli filling and the shell.

Cannoli Shells-2

The recipe Chef Sue used for this creation came from Epicurious:

The recipe was modified slightly:

  1. We used home made ricotta (a bit creamier and sweeter than what you find in the grocery store).
  2. We left out the orange.
  3. When forming the cannoli shells we used a 1” dowel cut to 4 inch lengths, sanded and seasoned in oil.
  4. We fried the cannoli shells in an electric fondue pot which provided excellent temperature control.


In vino veritas, buen provecho.



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