Friday, July 22, 2011

Send Me Your Favorite Recipe

As you may have guessed by now, I love food and wine.  Breaking this down a bit, I can say without reservation that I love exploring food I have yet to try, and I love the cornucopia of flavors offered by international cuisine.  For this reason, I am asking you to send me your favorite recipe.

I am fortunate to have readers from around the world including Canada, France, Venezuela (buenos dias Christina!), Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago (hey Rajesh!), China, Russia, Ethiopia (stay cool John and Ji), Jordan (salam alaikum Nour), United Arab Emirates (can’t wait to see you Bruce and Christina – and the rest of the gang), UK, Germany, Spain, Australia (G’day Steve - lots of good mates in Australia!), Philippines, Hungary, Turkey, Iran, Singapore, Barbados, South Africa, Denmark, and of course the Independent Republic of Texas (Amanda, I know there is some good food in Texas).  There are many others, but you get the hint – I am graced by readers from around the globe, and I appreciate it.  If you are a regular reader and I failed to mention your country, you are free to chastise me.  Please accept my apologies.

With a world of food out there, I am dedicated to exploring it.  I would be honored if you would send me a recipe that reflects your country or region (or is just a favorite of yours).  If you have a suggested wine pairing, even better.  If you have a story to go along with the recipe, I would love to hear it and share it.  Of course I will give you full credit and be happy to send you photographs of the final creation.

Finally, if you don’t have the recipe, just send the name of the dish and a description.  I will research it, prepare it, pair it, enjoy it, and share it.

I’m listening.  Just pack your favorite recipe in an e-mail to, spank it on the bottom and send it away.

In vino veritas, buen provecho.