Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Craig's Grape Adventure - Loving Life with a Skillet and a Corkscrew – Official Release of the eBook

You can now have Craig’s Grape Adventure with you all the time!  Craig's Grape Adventure - Loving Life with a Skillet and a Corkscrew is now available in eBook form.

Before I get into all the promotional goo – all the great reasons you should have a copy of this book – I will start with the details of how to get your copy.  Easy stuff.

1.       Click on the “Donate” button up to the right – throw me a bone – or a bunch of bones.  There is no set price for this book.  You name the price.



2.       Send me an e-mail at to let me know you have donated and would like your copy.

3.       I will send you a link to download the file.

4.       Follow the instructions below for putting the book on your iPhone, iPad, or Kindle.

5.       Read, cook, have a glass of wine, and enjoy.


When I ask Chef Sue out for an evening that includes a movie, it is always a love story.  Transformers, Cowboys vs. Aliens, Abduction, Contagion, Drive, Killer Elite, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, 300, Green Lantern, Gladiator, Batman, all romances.  Like these movies, this book is a love story.  It is also filled with perilous tales from the kill zone we know as the kitchen, psychological thriller elements, and an ample serving of explosions and expensive special effects.  I promise.

But wait, there is more.  I would not call this a cookbook, but yes, there are recipes.  Lots of recipes – nearly 100 tantalizing creations to fit any mood and any palate accompanied with nearly 50 wine pairings.  But if you want to call it a cookbook, have at it.  One of my objectives is breaking the cookbook mold.  First, as a photographer, I hope you find plenty of pleasing photography designed to bring the food to life.

Layered over the beautiful photography and recipes are stories about the food.  Not history, or the origins of food, but real stories you can relate to.  Along with the wine pairings and stories you will read about why a particular wine was selected, and why it worked or did not.

This book also breaks the traditional “cookbook” mold by virtue of its electronic format.  You will find this a convenient advantage as you prop your laptop, iPad, iPhone, or Kindle on the counter and prepare your next great meal.

With links to all the recipes finding the next recipe is just a touch or click away.

The eBook format works well because the book will always be with you, and finding the recipe is as easy as pointing to the pairing you wish to create.  And of course, the book is filled with great photography for those of you who sadly prefer to look at great food rather than eat it.  Any way you look at it, it will be a fun read.

And here is the best part – the price.  You get to name your price.  I have yet to be disappointed.  I have sold prints, shot family portraits, shot events, and made personal and professional portraits based on this model and have been more or less fairly compensated in every instance.  Those who could not afford what might be considered “market rates” were balanced by those who were grateful enough to be generous.  I find that people want to be treated fairly and generally feel the same obligation to treat others fairly.  So until I am consistently and dreadfully proven otherwise, I plan on sticking to the “pay what you can” philosophy.

Meredith noted that most books on Amazon sell in the $10 range.  Cookbooks even more with many in the mid $20s.  She prefers that I set a price.  So here it is: One Million Dollars (with pinky in place and the voice of Dr. Evil).  Sorry Meredith.  I’m sticking with my belief that people want to be treated fairly and will do so in return.  The price remains the same – anything you want.

After you download, you can read it on your computer, iPhone, iPad, or Kindle (and maybe other devices – I have not tested others so cannot be sure).

To move files to and from Kindle:

  1. Connect your Kindle to your computer. Your Kindle should appear on your computer in the same location you would normally find an external USB drive.
  2. Use your computer's file browser to drag and drop or copy and paste the file to the “documents” folder on the Kindle.
  3. When finished, use your computer's undock, eject, or unmount feature to remove your Kindle.

To Open in iBooks

  1. Either download the file directly to your device, or download to your computer and e-mail it to yourself and open the e-mail attachment on your device.

In the upper right corner of the screen, touch the envelope with an arrow and select “open in iBooks.”

I want you to love this book, and I want you to donate according to your judgment of the value.  To help with your decision, you can download a free sample chapter.  Just follow this link.

Here are some screen shots of the table of contents.







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