Monday, November 7, 2011

Loving Life with a Skillet and a Corkscrew; the eBook is Done! (well, almost)

Chef Craig

Done!  Done!  Done!  I am very happy to report I have finished editing Craig’s Grape Adventure – Loving Life with a Skillet and a Corkscrew!  I am now enjoying a glass of wine to celebrate the occasion. 

I have just one task to complete.  This evening I am preparing Butter Poached Divers Scallops, Flounder Fillet over Pesto Fettuccini to finish the last of the photography.  Earlier today I made the self portrait you see above for the all important “About the Author” page where I get to tell you how wonderful I am.  No worries, I kept it brief.

Check back tomorrow and get your free copy of a sample chapter from the book.  Two days until the official release!



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