Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wine Pairing Theme Night Ideas

Occasionally I enjoy adding a bit of whimsical fun to food and wine pairing.  Our last such event was a recreation of Casino Royale - the extravagant meal enjoyed by James Bond and his love interest Vesper Lynd.  You can see all the details at  Casino Royale Wine Pairing–Tournedos with Béarnaise Sauce, Rognon de Veau Paired with 1998 Jacquart Champagne Blanc de Blanc Brut.

It has been some time since our Casino Royale night, so it is time to start planning another theme night extravaganza.  While sitting around with a glass of wine, Chef Sue, Steve, Dawn and I began brainstorming some ideas.  The concepts we came up with cover a range of specific meals (such as the prison cooking scene from Goodfellas) to ingredients from which we could base our culinary creativity (Treasure Island).

Here is our list of potential themes:

  • Treasure Island.  This theme would be based on the list of staples in the stock of the crew on Treasure Island.  "I'm a plain man; rum and bacon and eggs is what I want, and that head up there for to watch ships off."  There are also references to lamb, apples, and biscuits.  I think we can make something of this.  Of course, the attire would be our finest professional pirate gear.

  • Prom Night from 1980.  I'm not sure yet what food would play a staring role, but as I look back to the popular fare from 1980, I'm recalling things such as the blackened food fad, swiss steak, sweet and sour stir fried beef, fondue, and beef stroganoff.  Attire? You guessed it, vintage prom dresses and pastel colored tuxes with huge lapels.
  • When Harry Met Sally.  Our culinary adventures would involve a creativity challenge to update the ham sandwich, pastrami sandwich and coleslaw served just before Meg Ryan had her "moment" in Katz's Delicatessen.  Attire: sweaters - and big hair for the women - scruffy beards for men.

  • Goodfellas.  There is a classic food scene in Goodfellas where a great meal is being prepared by the principals - a pasta course featuring garlic shaved with a razor blade, tomato sauce with veel, beef and pork, pan fried steak, lobster, salami, priscuito, cheese, scotch, red wine, white whine, and bread.  Attire:  bathrobes or running suits.

  • Blues Brothers.  Food is a running theme throughout the movie with the highlight occurring in the Chez Paul scene when Belushi asks "how much for the women, the little girl, your daughters, how much?"  The food for this event would be based on pepper steak, champagne, shrimp cocktail, fried chicken and plain white toast.  Of course the attire would be black suits, white shirts, thin black ties, and fedoras. 

  • Breakfast Club.  This could be a culinary challenge based on the ingredients of the lunch bags that include everything from sushi, cold cut sandwiches, pixy sticks, and captain crunch, I'm sure our collective creativity could muster something interesting.  Attire: pick a character and do your best impression.

  • Pulp Fiction.    This theme would center on an interpretation of the Royal with Cheese and french fries with mayonaise.  Dessert - a $5 milkshake  Attire:  Men in suits with a bolo.  Women can do their best Uma Thurman impersonation with a mans white dress shirt, french cuffs and cuff links.

If you have any ideas to add, I would love to hear from you.

In vino veritas, buen provecho.


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  1. How about one of my all time favorite movies- Fargo? Pancakes both sweet and savory (the nordic sociopath's culinary obsession), eggs in any form you fancy (the breakfast that Norm made for Margie the morning she was called out to investigate the triple homicide), and an overloaded, self service buffet (a la the lunch buffet that Norm and Margie ate) complete with trays.

    The women could try out their best "Minnesota nice" accents and mannerisms while ensconced in rayon sweaters. Their hair should be big, and starched. The men would be in various combinations of parkas, workboots, sweaters, and flannel. Bonus: if one of the women is pregnant, she must dress up as police officer.

    The wines, I'm at a loss for. Norm did paint a portrait of a mallard that became the 3 cent stamp, so any label that incorporates a duck could be fair game.

    Fun idea!